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Children in Folklore Parade

Our Children Program was launched to provide educational, nutritional and emotional support to small children from marginal neighborhoods in Ibagué - children coming from homes with working parents or single female providers who do not have the time nor the resources to attend them properly.

During the time we have been running these programs we have extended the number of centers to two. This means volunteers are actively helping us to effect the lives of over 250 local disadvantaged children everyday.

What we do

Children answering a questionOur volunteers work with our full-time teaching staff in both morning and afternoon sessions. We help them do their homework, do counseling, play with them and we also develop our 'Future Leaders' program. Through activities such as art and crafts, sports, music and dance, games, and movies we teach them values like honesty, solidarity, responsibility, respect and tolerance.

We hope that some of these kids will become positive leaders for the community and the country in the future and will overcome the obstacles and difficulties in everyday life. Our volunteers help make this possible by helping, caring and giving their time and energy to this children who are so desperate to learn.

Volunteers with the children

The ultimate purpose of this program is to prevent children from spending their time on the street, safeguarding them from adversity inherent to street life, and educating them in human values.

Our two centers also prepare lunches for 220 children everyday, and provide a substantial snack to end the morning and afternoon programs. This provides an important nutritional benefit to many children who would otherwise not receive such a well balanced diet. Our volunteers are heavily involved in the preparation of the food, serving the meals to the children as well as providing an example to the children in the importance of healthy eating and basic hygiene.

What you will be doing

children folklore

Volunteers who participate in these programs are involved in the following activities:

  • Helping the teaching staff implement planned activities
  • Planning and implementing educational activities for children: helping them with their homework, educational games, and arts and crafts, coaching them in sports and teaching conversational English. Through these game activities, volunteers can become friends with them, earn their respect and their love, and help them build confidence.
  • Helping in the feeding program for less fortunate children; cooking, washing the dishes and helping in the serving of meals, all for the benefit of the kids.
  • Helping us in our programs in which we play with the children, take them to the park, play sports, watch movies... direct the reading club and just have fun.
  • Contributing to the Future Leaders program.
  • Mentoring children and becoming role models for them.
  • And most importantly loving the kids. By taking time to get to know them and showing them that there are people who care!
Giovanni, UK

Giovanni, UK

I think I now have a bigger appreciation for other peoples lives. How fortunate people of the UK are from a monetary perspective.

Richard, Canada

Richard, Canada

I really enjoyed the location, which was a concern before arriving. The area was friendly, safe and close to town.

Juliette, USA

Juliette, USA

Berenice, William and Carolina are truly amazing. They made me feel very comfortable all the time.

Sarah, Australia

Sarah, Australia

I think the program is a really positive influence for these children.


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